Tiny Industries Co.Op. Industrial Estate Ltd.


      Tiny is an Industrial Estate, it is a pre beginning in 1996 and registered with Co-Operative Department under Registration No. AGD/AGD/PRD/(I)/745/98 in the year 1998. This is the second industrial estate at Marathwada region.
         Due to industrial recession in the year 1996, closure or shifting of Medium and Large Scale companies, Lay off observed in many industries situated in the Chikalthana industrial area as well as throughout industrial area of Maharashtra. Small scale industries were also affected and turned to closure of the units and the employees engaged in such small scale industries become unemployed. This worst condition of unavailability of work for small units as well as employment to the workers forced everyone to think, search about other ways to get new opportunities in business to sustain the stroke of recession. One of the small entrepreneur, Social Activist, Mr. Anil Bokil taken an initiative and gathered about 100 tenant, self-employed and skilled entrepreneur from Chikalthana industrial area and formed a group for the purpose to have their own premises in MIDC Chikalthana.
         Mr. Anil Bokil advised group members to come together to achieve our goals and to get our own premises at Chikalthana and other industrial area and assured to make available flatted type industrial blocks through industrial estate for running these industrial activities. Mr. Bokil has shown positive way and supported to increase moral and confidence to these self-employed entrepreneurs to become a professional entrepreneur. As per the discussion & assurance of group members Mr. Anil Bokil decided to form the cooperative industrial estate to be register with Co-operative department.